September 1, 2010


by salarzabihi

Name : Salar Zabihi Siabil
Date Of Birth :8/19/1983
Phone No.Home phone: (+98)131-7731833
Cell phone: (+98)911- 136-2635
Email Address :
Postal Address :2nd unit ,Gelayol building ,186 street ,Gilan blvd, Golsar, Rasht, Gilan, Iran

September 1, 2010


by salarzabihi
  • Pavement Management Systems
  • Intelligent transportation systems
  • Vehicle Routing Problem
  • Transit and Paratransit Systems
  • Traffic flow theory and operations
  • Transportation system operational analysis and design software development
  • Single or multi objective optimization of systems
  • Modeling and large-scale optimization of transportation systems, including network design, stochastic shortest path algorithms, and dynamic traffic assignment
September 1, 2010


by salarzabihi
  • M.Sc. in Transportation Engineering, Iran university of science and technology, (one of the three most prestigious universities of Iran), 2005, Total GPA (courses only) 16.71/20.00. (Graduation date: February 2008)

Thesis: Short term traffic flow prediction metod based on Fuzzy Logic using Rasht-Ghazvin     Highway as a case study (Grade: 18.5/20.00).

  • B.Sc. in Civil Engineering, Iran University of Science & Technology (IUST), Tehran, Iran, 2001-2005, Total GPA 14.47/20.00. (15.7 in last two years)
  • High School in National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents(NODET) ,Rasht,Iran , Total GPA 19.32/20.00

September 1, 2010


by salarzabihi

1-      Afandizadeh, SH.  Zabihi, S. Alavi, A. Gandomi, A. ” A Computational Intelligence Based Approach for Short-Term Traffic Flow Prediction”, accepted for publication to Expert Systems, Wiley-Blackwell, Journal of Knowledge engineering [ISI, IF: 1.231]

2-      Afandizadeh, SH. & Zabihi, S. ,” Short Term Traffic Flow Prediction in Rasht-Ghazvin Highway based on Fuzzy Logic Model”, Accepted in 8th national Transportation Conference ,”In Farsi”, Iran, 2008

3-      Afandizadeh, SH. & Zabihi, S. , “Evaluation and Comparing Efficiency of HICAP & HCS Softwares to Analyse Urban Signalise Intersections of Tehran”, Accepted in 7th International Congress on  Civil Engineering ,”In Farsi”, Tehran University, 2008

September 1, 2010


by salarzabihi

Professional in:

  • MATLAB ( specially Fuzzy Toolbar), AutoCAD, HCS, HICAP, Synchro, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher)

Adept at:


Acquainted with:

  • Lindo, Arcview, Pascal.
September 1, 2010


by salarzabihi
  • Accepted in National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents(NODET) entrance exams in both guidance and high school and qualified for the best school of the Rasht, Iran

  • Ranked 295th among (nearly 20000) graduate students of civil engineering in nationwide university entrance exam for M.Sc. degree , Iran, 2005.
  • Ranked 1710th among (nearly 480000) students in nationwide university entrance exam for B.Sc. degree , Iran, 2005
  • Democratically-elected representative of students in civil engineering department of Iran University of Science & Technology (IUST), 2003-2004
  • Ranked 1st in mathematical tournament in citywide (Rasht) , Iran, (1998)
September 1, 2010


by salarzabihi
  • About three-years of professional experience in researching and contributing in different types of transportation projects in Atiesaz Consultant Engineering Company.

–  Introduction of some traffic software packages ( HICAP, HCS, Synchro & GETRAM ) and the way which they work for decision makers and governors (2006).

–  Contribution in designing a full coverage Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) to control business district of Mashhad (2nd populated city of Iran). The plan is performed in cooperation with an IT company. (2007-2008)

  • Working as the resident engineer for a construction company (2009)


  • Teacher Assistant in Engineering Mechanics-Statics courses, 2006-2007 (for three semesters)


  • Lecturer at the following universities for B.Sc in civil engineering

–  Azad University, Bandar-e-Anzali    (2010)


–  Azad University,Fuman              (2010)


September 1, 2010


by salarzabihi
  • Tanks for my work experiences I’ve got ability to learn and use related software packages
  • I have been working in the area of ITS for more than 2 years.
  • I am quite familiar with traffic flow theory and intersection designing and analysis
  • I am completely familiar with Vehicle Routing Problem(VRP) specially VRPWTW.
September 1, 2010


by salarzabihi
  • Study on advanced and intelligent transportation systems which have being used in maritime transportation (2006)
  • Study on making an educational program of safety for the pre high school students which include what and who should we learn them in these ages. (2007)
  • Study on application of single and multi-objective optimization evolutionary algorithms for solving the vehicle routing problem with time window (2009-2010).
September 1, 2010


by salarzabihi
  • Dr. Shahryar Afandizadeh, Associate Professor of civil engineering department, Iran University of Science and Technology.


  •  Dr. nader fanaie, Assistant Professor of civil engineering department, Khajenasir  Toosi University of Technology
    Email :
  •  Eng. Hamed Amini Shirazi , project manager of Atiesaz Consultant Engineering Company in Tehran.